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The Beaumont Essence

The Beaumont spirit is an alliance of British style and French rustic chic. From the welcome of Sarah-Jane, ambassador of the Domaine, the elegance of the property, an experience maison d’hôtes like no other and the desire to return.


I am Sarah-Jane, owner of Domaine Beaumont and hostess during your stay in our little paradise at the gates of Saumur. When I arrived in France, the softness of the Loire Valley and its tuffeau stone villages immediately echoed my native region, The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire with its golden stone houses.

I have always had a weakness for the French way of life and for French wines...! This also explains my meeting of Gérald, my dear husband, from generations of winegrowers and who you will undoubtedly come across in the vines. I invite you here as if staying at your own home! From the sweetness of a night in one of my guest suites to the culinary delights of our region, become guests of a joyful, chic and authentic experience. See you soon!

The Domain

The gates open and you’re transported into the countryside, in the middle of a 2ha wooded park and 4ha of vines.

Let your legs take you wherever they want, you are at home here. Open the door of your suite and enjoy the sweet sensation of a countryside break. Sit in the park, in the shade of an elegant lime tree or an old oak… enjoy breakfast prepared by Sarah-Jane and in the evening, Gérald's ‘panier vigneron’, accompanied by a bottle of wine from our selection.

Take advantage during your stay to visit our 57m long cathedral-like wine cave, our chai troglodyte and the tasting room. In a group, you might have the chance to enjoy a meal of freshly baked fouées...

History of Domaine des Chauffaux

Domaine Beaumont, also known as Domaine des Chauffaux, established 1852 resides on the former agricultural land and wine estate of the Abbey Saint-Florent whose influence radiated well beyond the Anjou. Dating from the 10th century until the Revolution, monks cultivated their vines here and to this day Chenin, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay continue to flourish on this hillside.

The village church is dedicated to Saint-Julien de Brioude. It retains an 11th century portal decorated with a complex apparatus made of diamond and triangle stones. Its square bell tower from the 15th century is topped by a twisted spire, called ‘clocher-tors’ and dates from the 18th century.  In the choir, three sculpted stalls from the 15th century recall the presence of the monks.

The buildings of the old priory, remodeled in the 16th and 17th centuries, now house the town hall of Distré, neighboring Domaine Beaumont. A botanical trail, accessible to all, runs along the vineyard and recalls centuries old history with which these lands are steeped.